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Many people need a computer but can not afford one. You many have an old computers you want to dispose. Our Computer Guy is usually able to match up these two needs. If you have a computer which you want to donate, contact us and see if we can find a user for it. We are interested in computers which are not more than 5 years old.

Is it safe?

Save donation method

Our Computer Guy offers to wipe the hard drive and condition the computer before passing it on to the next user. All your information will be removed from the computer hard drive and memory making this a safe and secure process.

I have been told

to destroy my hard drive!

It is not absolutely necessary to remove the hard drive before donating the computer provided the hard drive is cleanly wiped of all data. The reason it has been suggested to remove and destroy your hard drive is that safely wiping a hard drive and reinstalling an operating system is not a process for the casual user. There are special tools to perform this process. If done correctly, wiping a hard drive is safe and saves the environment from wasted computer equipment [hard drives].

Computer is broken

Is this a problem?

If the computer you want to donate has a broken part or needs some servicing, contact us. In many cases, it may not be a big deal.

Unknown Age

If you don't know the computer age, call us, we can likely help you determind the age of the computer.

Installer discs are lost

Most computers are purchased with installer discs. If you have these discs, it would help, if not - we will try to work around that fact.