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Should I upgrade my computer? - There is no single answer to this question. It depends on your needs, your use and your budget. It depends on if you want to upgrade your current system or purchase a new system. It depends on the age of your old system [anything more than 4/5 years old should be replaced - not upgraded]. Since technology is ever-changing, it also matters when you ask the question. This is a question with many nuances and requires a conversation to be able to give you information to help you given your specific situation.

Should I switch to FiOs Connection? - The answer to this question it depends on your needs, your use and your budget. If you have a modem connection -- and it seems very slow & you have the budget, I would suggest that you upgrade. If you have a cable connection and the price is more to upgrade, stick with what you have. For the average user [email /light or moderate web surfing] the speed difference will not really be noticed between cable and FiOs.

How much RAM should I put in the machine? - Generally speaking, the cost-to-performance ratio makes an increase in RAM capacity one of the least expensive ways to improve the performance of nearly any computer. This type of memory is inexpensive so more is better. Be aware that there are hardware and operating system limits to how much RAM you can place in a machine. Generally speaking, you want a minimum of 1GB RAM in a WIN XP machine and 2GB RAM in a WIN Vista Machine. The new Windows 7 machine also needs at least 2GB to work well.

Do you repair Macs? - No. I generally recommend you contact your Mac store for assistance.

Can you recover my data or transfer it to a new computer? - In short, a qualified 'yes'! If the hard drive is functional, it is relatively easy to recover, copy, or transfer data. If your hard drive has crashed, there are some techniques we can use to try to recover your data. It depends on the state of the hard dive.

What does a computer virus mean? - Please see my page specifically set up to discuss the topic of viruses. You can reach it by selecting "virus" in the navigation above.

What is the best anti-virus program? - This is a complicated question with no easy answer. There is no shortage of programs available. Every year the programs change features, update programs, in in many cases, breaking/changing stuff in the program. Generally speaking, the best program is the one that people use. If you have an anti-virus program on your machine and you disable it because it gets in the way, this program should be avoided. While there are many variables which go into my answer, generally, in terms of free, I suggest people use avast. In terms of paid program, I suggest people use Norton Antivirus 2010. See my Anti-virus page for more details. Also, I believe you get what you pay for when it comes to anit-virus programs, it is generally better to purchase one.

How do I dispose my old computer? - This is an important question! Computers contain a number of metals and stuff that should NOT go into the landfills. The best thing is you can try to donate it to an organization or individual [see my page Donate Computer]. However, most organizations will only take computer which are not too old - less than 4-5 years old. Short of a donation, you can contact your local recycling center for suggestions. If you do not have any options, contact me before you put it at the curb. I will try to help you find a good solution for your discarded computer.