Our Computer Guy

Websites, Networks & Repair


Experience, Professionalism, Quality

If you work at a computer in a home or office you know only too well how a computer glitch can have a major effect in your life. Our Computer Guy puts you back in control of your computing environment with a professional-quality computer repair service. Need a local area network constructed? We offer hard wired or wireless solutions. Viruses on your system... we offer 100% solutions. Computer seems to be slowing down... we can offer speed solutions.

Websites Construction

Solid and stable

Our Computer Guy offers clean and stable code giving a firm foundation for current and future browsers. We use state of the art technology and low level browser tools to keep you in control. We can provide totally original or CMS sites such as Joomla.

Setting up a New PC

Moving Files and Data

Upgrading your computer? Our Computer Guy helps you to bring your mail, pictures, files, and essential data to the new computer. We can provide data recovery solutions for lost or corrupted data.

Memory Upgrades

Put some zip back

The fastest way to put some zip back into the system is to update the memory in the system. We will research and install the correct memory for you.

Local Networks

Wired or Wireless

Our Computer Guy can assist you with setting up a wireless network, expanding an existing network, or troubleshooting your current network.

Other Technology

Printers, Cameras, Scanners, and more

We can offer assistance in setting up printers, scanners, firewall support, configure adapters for desktops, setting up camera, media devices, and more.

Your IT Staff

Protect, Upgrade, Resolve

Consider us a part of your business, protecting & maintaining your systems. We help you solve your business goals with out the overhead of full-time staff.

Back-up Solutions

Setting it up

Small businesses and personal computers contain important data. What will do if that data is lost? Back-up solutions are available for most budgets.

Sharing Equiptment

Need a Network

Have multiple computers which need to share printers, faxes or other resources? We help you to share equipment and save money.