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Thom Healy has been working on websites since 2000. Starting in a design / development company, many of the web sites were compliance training websites for fortune 500 companies. Some were created to announce the opening of institutions such as Princeton University Genomics. Comcast & Nuance needed a website to easily facilitate QA activities. Other websites have been for social organizations, business ventures, treatment center and the website you are currently viewing! Please see below for a sample of my design/development efforts.

Websites Construction

Solid and Stable

Our Computer Guy offers clean and stable code giving a firm foundation for current and future browsers. We use state of the art technology and low level browser tools to keep you in control.

Website Construction

Clean & Crisp

Upgrading your website? We can provide custom functionality. We can provide totally original or Content Management Systems sites such as Joomla. Want a dynamic, database driven backend? No Problem!

Emmaus House

Emmaus House is a treatment Center

The Emmaus House is a wholistic center providing care for women religious. Offering services in Ocean Grove, NJ.

Go For It

When your ready to play big!

The professional services at Go For It! are professional coaching services to get stronger and more satisfying results for yourself and your business..

Nuance Communications

A Software development Company

Created a functional tool for Nuance Communications, a software company in Mahwah NJ. They asked me to help with developing an automatic audio prompt reporting tool to assist in phone prompting. This website is behind firewalls and can only be seen in an image here.

Religious Education

Religious Education Program

Created for St. Catharine Church, the Religious Education program required an independent website. It can no longer be seen on their server due to a web redesign.

Princeton University

Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics

The company I worked for, Midi was commissioned to build the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Genomics at Princeton University website. I helped to construct this website which has since updated. However, when they were opening the institute, they needed a website to announce the new program. Using the Wayback machine you can see the website as it was initally designed.

Dian Bustillo

Dian Bustillo is a noted astrologist. She maintains an astrology website discussing the Moon's cycles as well as teaching Astrology related subjects. You can see the website on the Internet.

Comcast Cable

QA Data Collection

Comcast cable company performs a significant amount of Quality Assurance work. They needed a website to gather QA data on different representative markets. This website connects with a backend which pulls data from logs for testing. As you might expect, this website is safely behind firewalls.

St. Catharine's Church

Parish Website

St. Catharine's Church is a parish in Holmdel, NJ. Noted feature of this website is the high amount of change required on this site. Some items on the site required constant update, such as calendars, church bulletins, front page message alerts, etc. Some of those features could be directly updated with email message. Personnel at the church could send an email to a specific address and the website would then be updated with the submitted information [much like "mobile update" on facebook].

Ethics & Compliance Training Library

Midi, Inc (midicorp.com) was a company in Princeton NJ who specialized in streaming video web-based & CD-ROM courses and classroom materials. The courses were dynamically developed and constantly updated. The courses cut across a wide spectrum and were available in 10 different languages. I was part of a team developing, updating and implementing the library of about 35 courses for fortune 500 companies such as Lockheed Martin, DynCorp International and L3 Communications. These courses were dynamically driven and connected to a back-end database for student scoring and tracking. Using the Internet Way Back Machine, you can see a list of the 30+ titles I helped maintain. We also produced a series of short dynamic items called Ethical Moments


Practical-Astrology.com was a small start-up company which specialized in astrology information and calendars. This was a dynamic calendar website providing Astrology related information for subscribed clients. The website was connected to a back-end database to drive PDF calendar creation for website clients.